Land for sale in lonavala | Plot, Agriculture land for sale in lonavala


Land for sale in lonavala | Plot for sale in lonavala

Embark on your journey to own a piece of Lonavala's breathtaking landscape! Our selection of plots for sale in Lonavala offers the perfect canvas for your dream retreat. Nestled amidst the serene hills and lush greenery, these plots promise tranquility and endless possibilities. Whether you're envisioning a cozy weekend getaway or a luxurious villa, these plots provide the ideal setting to bring your vision to life. Don't miss this opportunity to create your own haven in one of Maharashtra's most sought-after destinations.

List of plots available for sale in Lonavala & Nearby

The plots available for sale in Lonavala and nearby areas are listed in a format that does not include detailed information or pictures, as the owner has chosen not to disclose such details publicly. Interested parties are encouraged to contact us via WhatsApp for further inquiries or to express interest in purchasing. This direct approach preferred for reasons such as maintaining control over information dissemination or facilitating personalized interaction with potential buyers. For those considering a purchase, it is advisable to communicate directly with us to obtain comprehensive details about the plots, including their location, dimensions, pricing, and any other relevant information pertinent to the decision-making process.

Location Zone Area Cost Whatsapp More
Nangargaon R 464.515 sq. m. 1.1 Cr
5 Guntha R zone plot

5000 squre feet R zone plot for sale in Nangargaon Lonaavala, With road connectivity, 5 minutes from expressway and old mumbai pune hightway. 15 minutes from Lonavala railway station.

Waksai R 364216.9212 sq. m. 180 Cr
90 Acre highway touched land

Welcome to an extraordinary opportunity to own a sprawling expanse of 90 acres of land nestled in the breathtaking surroundings of Waksai, Lonavala. Located in the lap of nature, this parcel of land boasts direct access to the historic Old Mumbai Pune Highway, offering unparalleled convenience and connectivity.

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R Zone prime location plot for sale in Pangoli, lonavala
  • Land
  • 35000 sq. ft
  • Pangoli
R Zone prime location for sale in Khandala, lonavala
  • Land
  • 31215 sq. ft
  • Khandala
R Zone Prime Land on Lonavala Pawna Road for sale in Kusgaon BK., lonavala
  • Land
  • 3800 sq. ft
  • Kusgaon BK.
Plots available in new Plotting for sale in Kusgaon BK., lonavala
  • Land
  • 1000 sq. ft
  • Kusgaon BK.
Plot for sale at premium location for sale in Kusgaon BK., lonavala
  • Land
  • 2400 sq. ft
  • Kusgaon BK.
35 guntha agriculture land for sale in Takve, lonavala
  • Land
  • 35000 sq. ft
  • Takve

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Types of plots for sale in Lonavala

NA plots

An "NA plot" typically refers to a Non-Agricultural plot of land. These plots are designated for non-agricultural purposes such as residential, commercial, or industrial development. NA plots are usually located in urban or peri-urban areas and are often bought for construction purposes, such as building homes, offices, or factories. They are distinct from agricultural plots, which are intended for farming activities. NA plots are commonly bought and sold in the real estate market for various development projects.

Agriculture plots

An agricultural plot refers to a piece of land that is primarily used for farming activities such as cultivation of crops, horticulture, or animal husbandry. These plots are typically located in rural areas and are often owned by farmers or agricultural communities. Agricultural plots vary in size and can range from small subsistence farms to large commercial agricultural estates. The type of crops grown and the farming practices employed on these plots can depend on factors such as climate, soil type, and regional agricultural practices. In rural India, agriculture plays a crucial role in the economy and livelihoods of millions of people. Agricultural plots are not only sources of food production but also contribute significantly to employment and rural development.

Residential Plots

These plots are designated for residential purposes and are typically located in residential neighborhoods or housing societies. Residential plots in Lonavala may vary in size and can be used for constructing homes or vacation properties.

Commercial Plots

Commercial plots are intended for commercial activities such as shops, offices, restaurants, or hotels. They are often located in commercial areas or along major roads with high visibility and accessibility.

Industrial Plots

Some areas in and around Lonavala may have industrial plots designated for industrial or manufacturing activities. These plots are suitable for setting up factories, warehouses, or industrial facilities.


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